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Our Genetic Code

The Firm’s values are the source of the Firm’s distinctiveness and will maintain these at all costs. 
Our Values describe the people we hire. We look for these values to be deeply embedded in our people.
Our Values allows us to continue to succeed. These values support our strategy and mission. 
Our Values at UC are about the Firm’s culture of working and the quality of work produced. We believe there is always scope for improvement in these areas. The Values at UC have passed four critical tests over time, which reinforce their authenticity:
1.    The values are true and not just our imagination
2.    The values are important to our stakeholders including our people, our clients and others
3.    Zen values stand the test of time. We demonstrate them through testimonials from our clients
4.    The values are integrated into everything we do and embedded in the output of our work.
Our values are authentic and provide a clear understanding to our people that to succeed, they must always act  in accordance with them.
The Firm's values are non-negotiable.
We believe they are fundamental, strategically sound and must be embraced by our people. 
At UC we are committed to living by our values, as we look to build a Firm with an enduring and proud legacy. 

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