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Banking & Financial Services

India has a diversified Banking & Financial Services sector (BFS) undergoing rapid expansion, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms and new entities entering the market. The BFS sector comprises commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, co-operatives, pension funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities.

UC has covered a wide spectrum of financial services like broking firms, investment services, banking & financial consulting, evergreen national banks, numerous private banks, mutual funds, car and home loans, equity market and other banking services. UC experience in the banking financial services spans across strategy formulation, operations improvement, and organisation  effectiveness. Our financial services knowledge base covers an access to ~6,000 respondents in ~120 industry segments across ~45 key locations in India. We’ve also worked with a number of clients to assist them in Commercial Due DiligencePartner Selection Strategy and Strategic Organisation Review.


In the last few years, the increasing and diverse needs of the growing corporate sector encouraged the steady growth of the financial services market in India.

Indian New currency Note five hundred rupees - Housing Loans_edited.jpg




Financial Intermediaries & NBFCs

Private Equity & Principal Investors

SME Banking


Product Coverage - Corporate

Term Loan

Treasury Products​

Working Capital

Cash Management 


Investment Banking & Advisory

Trade Finance


Product Coverage - Retail


Third Party Products


Micro Finance

Wealth Management

Digital Payment Solutions


Case Studies

Developing a Digital Strategy and Role Redefinition for a Fast Growing Bank in India

Building a Business Strategy by 2022 for a Large International Payments and Fintech Player

Assisting a Large Financial Services Player in the UK in Developing a 2023 Business Plan

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