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Operations Improvement

UC helps companies improve operational performance and profitability by achieving the efficiency, speed and flexibility required in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. By assisting organisations and operations with business strategies, we deliver bottom-line results quickly and help our clients save billions of rupees through enhanced efficiency. We are pragmatic and flexible to ensure our clients generate quick wins in the short-term while setting the foundation for long-term sustainable improvement.

UC has deep expertise and experience helping organisations create shareholder value by adapting to fast-moving, changing business conditions. Operations and supply chain management are key strategic levers for organisations to improve their effectiveness, with a tremendous impact on customers, competitive differentiation and shareholder value. The most dynamic and successful organisations continually adapt to improve their effectiveness by shifting plans and finding new ways to grow and improve their capabilities.

UC helps our clients develop and activate winning strategies, ensuring accurate translation deep into the organisation as well as successful implementation. This includes defining the required capabilities and the right operating model and design for an organisation. We assist our clients in becoming more efficient, scalable and flexible in their support functions by helping to optimise processes, shared services and outsourcing. We help accelerate sales growth by developing sales strategies, re-engineering sales processes and designing sales organisations.

Our operations capabilities include strategic cost management, sales force effectiveness, program management and systems review


Supply Chain Strategy​​​​

UC's supply chain practices helps in reducing the cost and increasing the revenue effectively.

Cost Optimisation

Controlling costs and improving cost structure is critical for most businesses. Our strategic cost management

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