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Capital Goods

The Industrial sector in India forms the backbone of the country’s manufacturing activities. Our Industrials practice includes clients in Capital Goods Consulting.

UC has developed a deep understanding of the commercial and operational dynamics of these industrial companies in India. Our expertise spans across the sector’s value chain, including sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, new product development strategy, sales, and distribution.

We combine our industry knowledge with a rigorous analytical approach to provide strategic guidance to achieve high competitive advantage. We help industrial companies to draw the strategic roadmap to identify the underlying growth indicators within the emerging economy of India. We create the market industry landscape, facilitate competitive advantage, create realistic business models that help our industrial company clients to increase their market share. We cater the needs of our clients by assisting them in India Entry Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy and Growth Strategy. Our in-depth knowledge of the industrial sector enables us to help clients in Strategy Execution, Diversification Strategy and Feasibility Studies.

UC has covered a wide range of management issues in the Utilities domain ranging from industry sectors like power generation, energy marketing and distribution, energy and environment to product segments like transformers, switchgear, conductors, power back up equipment’s, to name a few.


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Industrial Products and Capital Goods

Industrial Products include a wide array of products which go into sectors like power (generation & transmission), steel, cement, mining, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, ports and other infrastructure related sectors. Multinational & Indian business houses have approached Universal Consulting to define entry and growth strategy for the specific industrial product under consideration. We have also worked with renowned private equity players who wanted assistance in gauging the market dynamics and the business model of the target company before investment. We have experience in over 60 industrial products for which we have conducted work that spans market assessment, customer buying behavior dynamics and key purchasing criteria, completive dynamics and definition of business model/ entry/ growth strategy. A renowned private equity firm was looking at investing in a bulk material handling player. They requested our assistance to gain insights on key trends shaping the space, determine current and future market potential, gauge customer needs and selection criteria and assess the market position of the target company. We assessed the key sectors of power, steel and ports and gauged the end user dynamics w.r.t splitting of packages, technical and commercial criteria considered for selection of players, determined current and future market size, gauged market trends with respect to consortiums being formed/ alliances/ technical tie-ups, positioning of the target on key purchase criteria vis-a-vis competition and key differentiators in the business model.

Oil and Gas

Universal Consulting has deep insightful skills and experience in the Oil & Gas sector. We use our industry knowledge and expertise, to develop strategic insights for our clients. We focus on growth strategy development, market assessment, post acquisitions and negotiation strategies for the manufacturers. For example, a multinational company focusing on power plant solutions and the supply of marine engines was interested in the potential usage of flare gas to produce power in oil rigs, platforms and oil refining complexes. UC conducted a market assessment study to estimate the opportunity/ market size in areas like engine driven pumps for oil pipelines (>1 MW), gas-engine driven compressors in gas pipelines (4 MW to 8 MW), waste (e.g. flare gas) for power generation in upstream facilities and power requirements in upstream platforms (gas injection and storage). The client obtained insights into planned crude oil/gas pipeline projects, and an appreciation of the economics of the product, taking factors like carbon credits under consideration. Universal Consulting has conducted deep primary research within the oil and gas sector. A global industrial automation, transportation and controls group, wanted to understand the oil and gas industry for one of their new integrated products as well as to design and position the product better for the integration needs of oil and gas players in the Indian and Middle East markets. UC conducted primary research with major oil and gas players (upstream and downstream) in India and Middle East to understand integration needs and challenges, existing pain points due to lack of integration and automation, key decision makers for driving automation and integration efforts within the organisation and KPCs.


Energy Equipment and Service Providers

Energy equipment's include a wide array of products which are used in generation, transmission and distribution. Within generation we have assessed for equipments like super-critical boilers, AFBC and CFBC boilers, HEHFDP engines (high efficiency, high flexibility, decentralised power), wind mill gear boxes and balance of plant (conveyer belt, wagon tippler, cooling tower, HT motors, water treatment). In transmission and distribution we have assessed products like power and distribution transformer, switch gears, AMR/ AMI, asset protection and monitoring instruments, DCS/ PLC, invertor, generator and battery, etc. A renowned multi-national company sought our assistance in creating a detailed white paper to quantify benefits for its HEHFDP solution. We created a load-duration curve using a one year data and juxtaposed the peaking order of generation capacities on the curve. We then introduced the HEHFDP solution for peaking (20% of the time) and quantified the benefits in land, water, calorific value, efficiency, etc. This was then presented by the client to CERCs/ SERCs.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Universal Consulting assists power, transmission and distribution generation equipment manufacturers to identify opportunities in the competitive marketplace. We help these players to drive profitability and increase their value proposition. For example, a supplier of decentralised power plants for industries, utilities and independent power producers (IPPs) in India, requested UC to quantify the opportunity in efficiency related savings on a pan-India basis by using their peaking load solutions. UC conducted rigorous analysis to gain insights into data pivots like maximum load, minimum load, unrestricted demand etc., outlined the potential applicability of the clients solution at different load requirements, and quantified the benefits by determining efficiency of the existing power generation mix and the environmental savings arising out of less utilisation of water, land and a reduction in carbon emission. UC has also identified future opportunities for a UAE based conglomerate was into manufacturing of distribution transformers through product expansion, product diversification, market penetration and market expansion. UC developed a perspective on 206 countries (spanning 7 regions) based on macro-economic parameters, shortlisted 15 countries based on country specific parameters, such as transmission and distribution (T and D) market size, and competitive intensity, and recommended an appropriate entry strategy.

Wind Mills

Renewable Energy

UC has strategic insights in the renewables sector gained from many years of working in the Utilities industry. We have developed entry strategies for many international players looking for presence in India. A global wind farm major had wind farms installed across the world but had no presence in India, and wanted to enter India through a co-ownership model. UC conducted in depth research for understanding the nuances of Indian wind energy space, built a long list of companies active in the wind energy space, and developed a screening criterion that enabled us to shortlist potential partners for the client.

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