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The growth of the Indian consumer class along with the growth of the economy has attracted global auto majors to the Indian market. While the world's major automotive manufacturers have been investing in India for a while, the supplier segment is now also attracting rewarding investments.

However, amidst the upside, the supply side of the industry is facing major challenges as well. The OEMs are constantly under pressure to lower their costs while maintaining and improving their quality, to deal with excess capacity, to cope up with ever increasing competition, and to cater to ever changing customer needs and preferences.

UC has helped clients in the auto and allied sectors tackle some of these critical challenges and identified significant opportunities for automotive OEMs and component manufacturers to grow.

Recent illustrative engagements include identifying sales enhancement priorities for a leading manufacturer of hot forged rolled ring in India, creating growth strategies in South Asia, Europe and the US for current, core and new adjacent businesses, developing aftermarket distribution model studies, landscaping the aerial work platform market in India, defining growth strategy in the material handling space, creating corporate strategy and corporate organisation for an auto ancillary company, identifying potential acquisition opportunities in auto and non-auto sectors, aligning an organisation with its strategy, addressing key strategic issues for a bicycle tyre company, creating a strategy to minimise consumption variances for an auto-component group, and developing a strategy to increase organisational effectiveness, among others.



Sales Channels​

Rentals/ Leasing

Case Studies

Creating Value in Aftermarket Distribution in India for one of the Largest Tier 1 OES in the World​

Strategizing for a USD 490 Mn Indian farm equipment and tractor producer to gain upto 15% market share to become a challenger from being a marginal player in South India​

Devising corporate strategy and organization structure for a USD 1.2 Bn large auto components player in India​

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