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Strategy Formulation

UC addresses the critical questions facing senior executives and develops blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. We apply the demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve an organisation’s business goals, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy, or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organisation.


Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower, enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for organisations. We tap our vast knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis executives need to make informed decisions.


We also work with senior executives to establish a framework for sustained innovation and growth. This can be anything from an incremental product enhancement to capitalise on a market opportunity, to a seismic shift in a company’s direction and focus.


Our core capabilities include geographic expansion strategy, industry structure & landscape, corporate strategy, strategic & commercial due diligence, new business diversification, growth strategy, business plans and product/ customer strategy.


Business Plan

We help you diversify your revenue streams and manage business risks by identifying new market...

Commercial Due Diligence

We conduct this service for Private Equity /M&A Firms and for Clients considering strategic partnership...

Diversification Strategy

With Indian companies always looking for new ways to grow, business diversification has become one of ...

Feasibility Study

We offer an in-depth, objective and scenario-based analysis to assess whether the feasibility to enter a market exists.

Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy Practice will assist you in envisioning and defining a strategic direction for your organisation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

UC has been a trusted advisor on a full range of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services.

Pricing, Reimbursement & Reforms​

Across the industries in India, pricing has become an increasingly complex decision, if one were to earn maximum

Channel Strategy

Managing channel is a critical component for sustainable growth. Channel in today’s context not only in...

Distribution Strategy

Given the vast expanse of India reach becomes a critical success factor for companies to succeed in India

Entry Strategy

As India rapidly emerges into a major market for global businesses, most firms need to explore the Indian business

Go-To-Market Strategy

With the ever-increasing competition for market share, developing the right growth strategy is crucial

Market Assessment

We provide customised research that analyses the market for economic conditions, industry-specific trends,

Partner Selection Strategy

The search for growth and the need to complement capabilities often results in organisations seeking to work

Product Strategy

With ever increasing competition for a share of the customers’ wallets, developing the right customer strategy is crucial

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