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Strategy Implementation

  • Strategy Execution or implementation support for our clients, is embedded into the fabric of UC's DNA and runs in our lifeblood. Our strategy Implementation Consulting and focus differentiates UC from many other management consulting firms. UC helps clients achieve their strategic outcomes by mitigating the risk of execution failures. Our Implementation interventions help clients gain significant efficiencies in strategy, operations, logistics, supply chains, product development, marketing, sales, order fulfilment, human resources, finance and accounts.

Implementation Methodology

  • Program Architecture

  • Prioritisation

  • 100 Day planning 

  • Project Charters

  • Joint Ownership

  • Work Stream Summaries

  • Project Review Cycles

  • Work Stream Tracking

Implementation Office

  • Strategic

  • Transformational

  • Functional 

  • Transitional

Implementation Platform

  • Standardisation 

  • Efficiency 

  • Accuracy 

  • Communication 

  • Alignment 

  • Remote Management of Implementation

  • Allows Online Client Collaboration for Implementation

  • “Always Live” Work Status Reporting

Strategy Implementation.png

Implementation Methodology

Program Architecture

  • Steering group

  • Program office

  • Work-streams 

  • Enablers

Joint Ownership

  • Ensure knowledge transfer

  • Full handover of projects to client team to maintain sustained momentum





  • Projects ranked based on implementation ease and  benefit

  • Quick wins implement priority

  • Complex ones further planning

Work Stream Summaries

  • “Always Live” document 

  • Forms basis for project review

  • Shows how projects link into a work-stream

100 Day Planning

  • Overall timeline

  • Work-stream definition

  • Milestones 

  • Sequencing of activities

Project Review Cycles

  • Fixed weekly review 

  • Program office review

  • Steering group review 

  • Other stakeholders review

Project Charters

  • Project owners

  • Goals and targets

  • Interdependencies

  • Risks

Work Stream Tracking

  • Projects at risk requiring action 

  • Delayed- effort to bring on track

  • Completed and yet to start projects

Program Management Office

One of the key concerns of top management across industries is the quality of implementation of strategic initiatives. There is often a large implementation gap - failure to convert the strategy into action, and to develop an adaptive strategy that evolves with the times. We help our clients drive business transformation by converting strategic thought into action through efficient program management.

A Traffic Light System is used to program manage strategy work streams and track strategic initiatives, with each project assigned a status based on its level of completion. Projects are subject to intense review cycles to monitor progress and highlight any deviations. By ensuring regular client involvement, UC is able to effectively assist clients execute the strategic initiatives.  

Case Studies

PMO support for South Indian Hospital Chain

Managing the transition of ownership brands from a Indian pharma player to a PE fund

Design and Implementation of an enterprise wide contract management system

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