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Case Example

Validation of opportunity in the Indian Vaccines market

Client Challenge

The client was a global player committed to developing vaccines to prevent infectious diseases. It has entered into a joint venture with an Indian company to develop and manufacture vaccines. There were three vaccines in development and clinical trial phase for which the client had plans to launch through its partner in India. With regards to this, the client wanted to assess the Indian market potential for these three vaccines and their likely adoption.

Our Approach

To assess and validate the opportunity in the Indian Vaccine market, UC adopted the following approach:
● Triangulated primary and secondary research to assess the market size for the three vaccines in India based on the disease burden and current adoption in public and private sector
● Analyzed the current competitive landscape to identify market leaders in the public and private sector
● Developed likely scenarios of demand for the three vaccines based on changes in the disease burden, adoption in public and private sector, key influencers and the likelihood of them recommending the vaccines, other drivers and challenges
● Estimated the addressable market for the three vaccines based on the client’s product specifications

Our Impact

The client received a detailed report on the attractiveness of Indian vaccine market with respect to the three vaccines of interest along with the likely opportunities and challenges.

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