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Case Example

Streamlining and automating the sales order management process

Client Challenge

In order to eliminate involvement of multiple stakeholders, reduce the time and automate the process, Client sought UC Strategy’s assistance to understand and redesign the following processes:
● New Customer Master
● Order Entry Form (OEF)
● Regulatory Database (Reg DB)
● Dossier Initiation Form (DIF)
● Vaporizer order entry form (VOEF)

Our Approach

The following approach was utilized to redesign the above-mentioned processes: -
● Conduct discussions with internal stakeholders from various functions to understand the processes
● Conduct data analytics to identify the process timelines, root cause of high timelines and function wise time taken
● Identify best practices followed across pharma and non-pharma companies
● Identify gaps/improvement areas in the current processes based on discussions with internal stakeholders, findings from data analysis and benchmarking
● Obtain buy-ins on identified gaps from core committee and steering committee
● Design solution theme for ‘To be process’
● Present solutions to core committee and steering committee

Our Impact

The following key recommendations were made: -
● Automate the sales order management process by defining the business rules in the system
● Eliminate manual approvals from various stakeholders for sales order management process
● Provide visibility to all stakeholders involved in the process

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