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Case Example

Managing disruption including Loss of Exclusivity for a major MNC pharma company

Client Challenge

Client is currently facing multiple disruptive events to its DPP4i product:-
● Vildagliptin Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) in December 2019
● Impending Loss of Exclusivity (LoE) in July 2022
● Current COVID-19 environment
Given these market disruptions, client would like UC to evaluate and recommend an optimum Go-To-Market Strategy defining adequate product, marketing, channel and salesforce mix.

Our Approach

UC carried out the project utilizing the following approach:
● Identified workstreams that impact various disruptions
● Understood client hypothesis
● Created charters to define workstream goals and process
● Analyzed internal data
● Conducted primary research and benchmarking to analyze client performance
● Synthesized findings from data, primary research
● Provided recommendations in channel strategy, sales strategy, product positioning, public market
● Co-developed brand plan 2021 with the client
● Developed detailed pricing impact analysis for client to action upon for Loss of Exclusivity
● Co-developed LoE combat strategy with the client, which was presented to the regional APAC team

Our Impact

Client was able to derive the following through the engagement:-
● Detailed Go-To-Market strategy including optimal call load, reach and HCP stratification
● Optimum promo spend allocation
● Product positioning inputs to tackle different segment of HCPs
● Detailed price sensitivity output to inform decision making to manage Loss of Exclusivity
● Forecast on public market business and impact on revenues post Loss of Exclusivity

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