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Case Example

Achieving Operating Efficiencies through SCM Optimization

Client Challenge

Client is a large Indian pharmaceutical player with own brands as well as branded generics supplying to 40+ countries including India and US. It has established brands across niche therapies such as psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, orthopedics and ophthalmology. Company has several API and Formulations facilities across India, Europe and North America.

For the client, in spite of adequate capacity, supply chain management remains a constant challenge, in particular, OTIF delivery.

Our Approach

UC adopted the following approach:
● Visited plants and interviewed personnel to understand supply chain processes and identified issues
● Analyzed Budgeting, Planning, Production, Inventory, RM procurement, QC, Logistics and Order fulfillment data to identify issues related to OTIF
● Identified issues impacting OTIF
● Identified OTIF improvement initiatives in
- Demand Planning
- Production Planning
- MRP and Procurement
- QC Planning and
- Order Management
● Designed solutions, process documents, tools and templates for each of the identified initiatives for all the plants
● Created dashboards for monitoring supply chain performance across plant and business unit
● Piloted the designed solutions for one of the plants
● Implemented the solutions for all other plants

Our Impact

The solutions and the processes are implemented across all the plants for Demand Planning, Production Planning, MRP & Procurement and Order Management. Dashboards are being used for review and improvement mechanism.

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