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Our Team.

UC’s exclusive focus in life sciences offers a unique opportunity to develop and acquire extensive knowledge of this dynamic industry. UC is extremely selective and specifically looks for people who relentlessly want to learn new things and have a high degree of empathy and compatibility with Our Values (i.e. being Reliable, Responsive, Rigorous and Resilient). Each candidate goes through in-depth interviews and case study sessions. Only 1 out of every 50 candidates who apply to UC, is selected to join our Team. The experience you’ll gain during your career is unparalleled. You’ll help build the foundation for businesses that will help you grow at our firm and beyond.

UC provides a unique opportunity to acquire extensive and practical understanding of the life sciences industry from world-class internal and external experts. The strategic nature of our work allows our team members to have an outsized impact on decisions that shape the future of healthcare. The team-based approach lets you work side by side with other team members and helps you to know and appreciate every other team member’s strengths and skills.

Through StratLancer (, the team also includes a worldwide network of more than 135 life-sciences independent consultants and experts. All have a proven record and typically more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Each of Strat Lancer’s Consultants is individually vetted to ensure they have significant consulting experience – either from the world’s leading consulting firms or within the corporate Strategy function of large companies.

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