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Case Example

Supply Chain Optimization Strategy and Execution for an agrochemicals key player

Client Challenge

● The client is one of the key players in the Agrochemical industry. The company has been 3 business divisions:
- Agrochemical domestic
- Agrochemical international
- Specialty chemical division
● Company has a turnover of ~1,500 crore in 2013-14. 80% of the business comes from agrochemical. The company hired UC for identifying the process issues and recommending improvement areas for the following functions:
- Demand Forecasting
- Supply Planning
- Procurement
- Production
- Logistics
- Working Capital

Our Approach

In order to identify process gaps, UC used the following approach:
● As a part of the engagement conducted interviews with more than 60 internal stakeholders which included BU heads, Department heads and even two levels below department heads
● Identified process gaps by mapping it with best practices and conducting data analytics
● Review with Project coordinator
● Validation of identified process gaps and taking buy-in on data analytics from relevant stakeholders
● Review of validated process gaps and data analytics with Business heads
● Executive summary presentation to leadership team
● Documented SOPs for all the functions for Agrochemical and specialty chemical division by incorporating the accepted process changes recommended in the executive summary presentation

Our Impact

● UC developed SOPs for all the functions and templates relevant to the processes.
● Provided IT implementation plan for adoption of process changes
● UC also highlighted the potential for increase in production capacity for a plant in Dahej
● Highlighted potential savings for shift of port for import and export shipments
● Rationalization of SKUs for the specialty chemical division

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