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Case Example

Strategizing for a USD 490 Mn Indian farm equipment and tractor producer to gain upto 15% market share to become a challenger from being a marginal player in South India​

Client Challenge

The client is among the top three tractor manufacturers of India and provides a complete product line. It exports its products to more than 70 countries​

After gaining a significant market share in North India, as a part of its overall growth strategy, the client wanted to gain and consolidate its market share in Southern India​

Our Approach

- Selected the key regions of focus for the study through discussions with the client’s core management team​

- Estimated the market size and analyzed the nature of demand for tractors in each of the individual regions and its likely future potential.​

- Segmented the customer base (farmers), analyzed their buying patterns and selection behavior to identify the technical and non-technical criteria that influenced their purchasing decisions​

- Mapped the competitor landscape and their business models to evaluate their market share, value propositions, marketing & promotion strategies ​

- Assessed the prevalent models of financing and the key deciding factors for choosing a financial institution​

- Analyzed the existing network of dealers in the region and their partnerships with the client and the competitors​

- Drew out a strength – weakness matrix for the client based on its market perceptions with respect to the key success factors and competitors in the region to identify gaps in the client’s current strategy​

Our Impact

- Identified repositioning strategies for leveraging the existing favorable market perceptions​

- Identified product modifications (technical) required to provide a more ‘fit for purpose’ product for altering some of the existing unfavorable market perceptions of the client​

- Recommended specific initiatives and action points for improving the financial ecosystem and channel effectiveness (dealer network)​

- Outlined the overall strategy and implementation plan for gaining ~8-15% market share in the regions of study.​

- The client further asked Universal Consulting to implement the recommended strategy and the Phase – II (implementation) has already begun

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