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Case Example

Review of Strategic objectives and goals - assessing information gaps, building competitive intelligence and assessing talent

Client Challenge

The client was a global med-tech company and a leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products based on its advanced optics technologies. The client was interested in validating and evaluating its strategic goals for its India operations.

Our Approach

To review strategic objectives and goals for Hoya India operations:
● Understood the key strategic issues and challenges faced by management in capturing medium and premium market of ophthalmic lenses, especially in Rx/ PAL segments
● Assessed the assumptions and information available behind Hoya’s strategic objectives and plans to increase its share in the Indian market
● Documented the gaps in information needed to build a comprehensive competitive position and gaps in information related to addressable market size in key markets
● Targeted analysis of the key competitors (evolution, strategic initiatives and future).
● Provided high level feedback on organizational efficiency and key talent

Our Impact

The client received detailed assessment of their strategic objectives and goals. Client also got information gaps, detailed competition insights and feedback on internal talent. Based on the assessment, UC suggested review of specific strategic goals and provided high level action plan for various objectives.

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