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Case Example

PMO support for South Indian Hospital Chain

Client Challenge

The client is a hospital chain in Kerala and the Gulf, PE buyout firm client invested 200mn USD in the hospital chain(2017) and requested UC Strategy to aid in the setting up of a PMO to initiative, track and bring to completion key strategic initiatives in their investee company (Hospital Chain).

Our Approach

To develop an assessment of market opportunities in the industry, UC adopted the following approach:
● Conducted 60+ face to face and telephonic interviews with industry experts, competitors, logistics industry customers, fleet operators, OEMs and other influencers
● Defined framework for identifying priority segments in logistics for telematics based on
- opportunity size
- industry structure
- certainty of adoption
- complexity and fungibility of solution
- adoption drivers
- supply side characteristics
● Assessed market potential for priority segments through scenario analysis
● Assessed current competition product offerings and industry segment focus
● Identified customer buying behavior and preferences for priority segments
● Benchmarked competition offering with customer need and price points
● Built logistics industry wise revenue models for priority logistics segments

Our Impact

UC provided support for the above tasks and transitioned successfully to an internal strategy person.

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