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Case Example

Organisation Review for Finished Dosage Formulation

Client Challenge

● The client is an Indian Pharmaceutical company manufacturing both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dosage Formulation (FDF). The client is present in branded generics and generics segments of FDF business.
● The company’s products are registered globally, and its facilities match international standards and are approved by various Regulatory authorities.
UC’s role was
● To help review and revise the supply chain process, organization structure, HR initiatives and identify SG&A cost optimization areas for their Finished Dosage Forms unit.
● To help the client validate the potential of products under development and additional molecules of interest across LATAM, Africa, French West Africa and South East Asia regions based on market insights.

Our Approach

● Reviewed key functions and identified key gaps across Marketing, PPIC, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Supply Chain, Dispatch and HR division of the company.
● Recommended process changes based on industry best practice norms across the Supply Chain.
● Synthesized region-specific recommendation to prioritize molecules in their development pipeline, potential molecules for the CNS portfolio and 14 additional molecules of interest using inputs from key industry experts and secondary research. Perceived market size, adoption, market penetration and competitive intensity in respective regions were the parameters considered to evaluate the attractiveness.

Our Impact

● Across various stages of Supply Chain System, UC made ~40 recommendations, most of them focused on improving the order confirmation process and QA/ QC processes.
● Additionally, UC provided the KPI’s for the supply chain processes and suggested the responsible person to track the KPI’s.
● UC recommended the client to prioritize 12 out of the 20 products under their development pipeline across the 4 regions under consideration. 6 out of 20 molecules were categorized as wait and watch category that may or may not be attractive based on their adoption. Out of the 14 additional molecules of interest for the client, UC identified one of them as attractive to consider, thus narrowing their product development focus.
● UC also identified potential attractive molecules that they could include to build a CNS portfolio.
● UC recommended 7 and 10 changes to the organizational structure HR processes respectively.

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