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Case Example

Opportunity Mapping: Strategic Business Review & Efficient Governance for Group Companies

Client Challenge

The company, established in 1952 is a family-owned company. Its core companies, ABC and its subsidiaries and joint ventures, have a combined turnover of ~INR 6,300 Cr.

The CMD in his personal capacity owns a portfolio of 6 businesses operating across sectors including manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment, primary and secondary packaging, contract manufacturing, clinical research etc.

The CMD has perceived a need to map the current strengths and weaknesses of these 6 entities, understand the opportunities available and streamline and optimize the governance mechanism for the six businesses

Our Approach

● We initiated the project with context building so as to understand client’s current strengths and weaknesses. We then understood the vision and objectives of these entities for their respective businesses and the challenges and constraints they forecast
● We then did a detailed market assessment (market size, growth, competition, drivers, challenges) and understood the synergies with the current businesses
● UC then conducted detailed primary and secondary research for assessing the market attractiveness, feasibility and economic viability of the Indian market for shortlisted products
● UC then conducted joint discussions with the CMD and individual managements to understand the synergies, constraints and opportunities for them to pursue
● UC did a detailed need-gap analysis in the current reporting and review mechanism by having multiple detailed discussions with the CMD and the individual managements

Our Impact

● UC has estimated the overall market dynamics and based on detailed discussions with the management and the CMD, we shortlisted opportunities for the individual business to pursue
● UC outlined a reporting process and prepared dashboard for the reporting and review mechanism for the individual businesses to follow on a monthly basis and helped these individual managements to implement the process

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