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Case Example

Market Assessment of Immunotherapy (CIK) for Oncology in India

Client Challenge

The client is a young start- up incorporated in 2019, focused on setting a wide network of specialized Molecular Diagnostics Lab. They plan to import an innovative immunotherapy Cytokine Induced Killer Cell (CIK) therapy from a Korean company to India. The client has been in process of planning the required regulatory approvals required to market a new therapy for Hepatocellular carcinoma in India. The client wanted UC Strategy to assess the unmet needs in the existing treatment paradigm for HCC and other cancer types with poor prognosis such as select breast cancer variants, glioblastoma, pancreatic and gall bladder cancer in India, clinicians perspective on use of CIK therapy and their willingness to adopt the same for these cancer types. Additionally, the client wanted UC to evaluate the opportunity by volume and value of CIK market in India for HCC, given the regulatory approval would be sought for HCC.

Our Approach

To develop an assessment of the future potential of CIK Market in India, UC adopted the following approach:
● Analyzed the patient flow in the HCC treatment cascade, existing treatment paradigm for HCC
● Evaluated the unmet needs and key selection criteria of a therapy through discussions with Medical Oncologists
● Developed summary snapshots of clinician perspective of CIK therapy and their level of awareness and willingness to adopt CIK therapy for HCC, given the established efficacy of the treatment
● Triangulated primary and secondary research to derive the incidence of HCC across 8 cities, estimated diagnosis and treatment rates in HCC patients, built assumptions around the distribution of patients across different hospital segments and across different stages of HCC progression to derive at the addressable patient volumes for CIK treatment in India
● Identified the levers of adoption of CIK therapy in India to develop recommendations to tap in the estimated market opportunity for CIK

Our Impact

The client received detailed insights on the feedback from Medical Oncologists who validated the need for new therapy options for HCC and their willingness to consider CIK therapy for HCC
● The report summarized the attributes that the client needs to work on to drive adoption
UC Strategy identified the adoption rate of CIK therapy among medical oncologists at different hospital categories at different price points under consideration
● Based on different price scenarios, UC Strategy built an estimate of the addressable market size by volume and value for 2020
● By taking into consideration the change in advancement in the diagnosis rate of HCC and its impact on the addressable patient volumes for CIK therapy, UC Strategy built future forecast for a 3 years and 5 years time horizon

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