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Case Example

Landscaping the outlook for pricing and reimbursement of biologics in India for a Leading Pharmaceutical and Biologics Company

Client Challenge

The client is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It has operations in over 100 countries around the globe

As a part of its global study of biologics it hired UC in India to assess and estimate biologics scenario in India.

Our Approach

In order to landscape the Indian market, UC used the following approach:
● As a part of the assignment interviewed more than 15 respondents
● Assessed the India biologics market for growth factors
● Examined the regulations involved in biologics
● Assessed the market size and growth rate of the market
● Assessed factors affecting growth of the market
● Assessed and examined competition and key top players in the Indian biologics market
● Assessed high sales products and its dynamics
● Undertook a price comparison between Indian biologics and other developed countries biologics
● Assessed the supply chain link and highlighted dormant pain points in the value chain
● Highlighted the key success factors for biologics in India

Our Impact

The client was handed over a detailed landscaping report.

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