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Case Example

Landscaping the Beer Distribution Market in India and Defining an India Entry Strategy for a Dutch Brewer

Client Challenge

The client, a leading Dutch brewer, engaged UC to define a route-to-market strategy to bring its flagship beer brands to India.

To achieve this, UC conducted the following tasks: sizing the addressable market across categories (eg. strong beer, mild beer, premium beer, etc) of beer in India, capturing market share and distribution channels used by leading players, and defining the potential implications of the above on the client’s entry into the Indian market.

Our Approach

In order to effectively landscape the distribution market for beer in India and to define the client’s India entry strategy, UC adopted the following approach:

● Triangulated primary and secondary research findings to ascertain the market size, competitive landscape and expected growth rate of individual product segments within the Indian beer market
● Identified key demographic, geographic (across states and cities vs. rural) and structural (monopoly vs. structural) trends that would affect the potential distribution model adopted by the client.
● Built case examples to illustrate learnings from strategies adopted by prevalent brands in the Indian market
● Conducted store checks and detailed discussions with market participants to define the potential product mix the client should adopt to cater to the Indian demand (eg. Mild beer, strong beer, premium beer, etc.)
● Used a scenario based analysis to articulate key strengths and weaknesses of the potential distribution model the client could adopt
● Identified potential distributors and partners that the client could liaison with to take forward its business plans

Our Impact

The client received a detailed segment and product level insight into the Indian beer distribution market and a market strategy complemented with potential partners to take that strategy forward.

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