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Case Example

Identifying Life Science Adjacency Opportunities

Client Challenge

The client, an MNC company present in the field of design, manufacture and marketing of industrial and consumer products operating in five segments namely – dental, industrial technologies life-science and diagnostics and environmental. They are currently examining opportunities to deepen its presence in India through strategic M&A and other pioneering efforts. They have asked UC to evaluate different opportunities adjacent to Life – Sciences which they can look to pursue.

Our Approach

In order to identify and examine to business opportunities to deepen the clients presence in the country UC adopted the following approach:
● Understand existing businesses in order to understand existing capabilities and offerings.
● Develop a landscape of the industry trends and understand impact on the clients businesses which includes market trends, demand drivers and overall industry structure.
● Define lenses/framework to identify adjacencies which included:
- Synergy through customer relationships
- Product extensions
- Value chain extensions
- New customers for existing products
- Competitor offerings and business models
- Leverage of capabilities and skills
● A long list of laundry list of opportunities the client can look at undertaking. These were then further shortlisted on the following criteria’s:
- Addressable market potential
- Growth expectations
- Ease of market entry
- Competitive intensity and its implications to the client
- Strength of synergy with existing capabilities/offerings
● These 3-4 shortlisted opportunities were then ranked based on the above criteria’s.

Our Impact

The client was given a shortlisted opportunities list (3-4) which was further evaluated with a deep dive into each opportunity. The client then chose one opportunity which they wanted to further pursue.

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