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Case Example

Developing hospital collaboration strategy for a leading global drug manufacturer for Acute Ischemic Stroke in India

Client Challenge

The client’s product’s major indication is for thrombolysis during stroke management, approved to be administered during first 4.5 hours of stroke occurrence. Awareness about stroke is relatively modest and symptoms of stroke overlap with those of other conditions, both resulting in several patients going undiagnosed, untreated. Hospitals across categories have been fairly under penetrated w.r.t emphasis on stroke management. Client believed that this area can be developed into a more valuable revenue stream for hospitals and hence it approached UC to develop an entry strategy/hospital collaboration strategy to be used as a pitch with hospitals .

Our Approach

To develop the hospital collaboration strategy , UC adopted the following approach:
● Conducted discussions with client’s internal team members to build an understanding on stroke patient journey, internal organization structure, roles responsibilities of various teams and the historical performance of client’s drug
●Conducted secondary and primary research to develop insights on stroke in India (incidence, treatment penetration, stroke capabilities and penetration in select stroke ready hospitals, challenges in stroke treatment penetration)
● Studied organization structure for various stroke ready hospitals, focus; and prioritization for stroke & openness to collaborate with client to develop stroke practice
● Identified potential areas of support that client can provide to the hospitals throughout the stroke treatment value chain as well as key influencing factors for hospitals to collaborate

Our Impact

The client received a detailed document on research synthesis as well as entry strategy cum pitch document template that the client could use for outreach to hospitals for collaboration.

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