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Case Example

Developing a board discussion facilitation framework for global Contract Research & Development Organization (CRDO)

Client Challenge

The client is a global Contract Research & Development Organization (CRDO) providing Drug Discovery and Development services to the biopharma industry. The client wanted assistance in facilitating discussion between the key management team, the promoters and the investors to crystalize the concern areas, aspirations of all the stakeholders for a finalized 2020 growth plan.

Our Approach

To develop framework for conducting the workshop three rounds of internal discussions were organized with the key management team:
● Analyzed previous proposed growth plans, client historic and projected financial data (business unit
wise) to identify the assumptions and rationale for the proposed growth plan for FY 2020</p></li>
● Triangulated secondary research to obtain market size and future growth rates for service segments of
interest to the client to build market context
● Identified salient macro trends and drivers likely to impact the services within client’s portfolio</p></li>
● Build case studies of key players in the CDMO industry to identify competition and key success factors
of the players
● Developed guiding dimensions for the discussion for the workshop based on analyzing the key

Our Impact

The client received a snapshot of the market size for the segments and emerging trends in the CDMO industry. After the workshop, key concerns and recommendations of all the stakeholders emerged out. The outcome of the meeting was synthesized in minutes of the meeting and provided to the Client to help them plan their growth strategy to be presented in Jan 2020. The client proposed UC to focus on the key concern areas that emerged in the meeting to help them build a viable growth plan for 2020.

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