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Case Example

Develop a channel partner building toolkit for a multi-national medical devices company in India

Client Challenge

The client was a group company managing 10+ operating companies in the field of medical devices and technology across the world. Top management wanted a standardized channel partner building toolkit, to identify and enable growth of channel partners, for two operating companies in India.

Our Approach

To develop a channel partner building toolkit for the two operating companies in India, UC adopted the following approach:
● Read and understand all chapters from existing business system channel partner building toolkit (CPBT)
● Interact with team members from two operating companies in-order to understand current practices and processes
● Map processes followed by the two operating companies with process defined in CPBT
● Understand requirements and expectations of two operating companies from CPBT
● Identify gaps in CPBT and create/modify existing chapters in CPBT
For this purpose, the UC Strategy team interacted extensively with members from operating companies to gain a wholistic understanding of business and its requirements, referred to past UC Strategy projects.

Our Impact

UC Life Science based on research and requirements developed and the following to existing CPBT,
● A go-to-market strategy to determine – channel structure, channel size
● Method to classify channel partners based on roles and responsibilities assigned to each channel
● Rating for channel partners based on past performance, classification, and potential
● A target setting tool for channel partners
● Detailing a visit and journey plan for customers, channel partners, key opinion leaders
● Process to manage complaints and channel partner exits

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