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Case Example

Design and Implementation of an enterprise wide contract management system

Client Challenge

Client, a leading pharmaceutical company, currently has different types of contracts across functions such as procurement, sales & marketing, finance, regulatory, HR. These contracts are not standardized i.e. stored in different formats and have various templates.

UC was called to help the client in designing and implementing a enterprise-wide contract lifecycle management system considering capabilities such as Contract creation, Approval or signing process, Integration, Compliance, Document storage and review, Contract negotiation process, Audits and Reporting etc.

Our Approach

● Inventory list of contracts and contract requirements
- Create a list of all types of agreements/ contracts used by each function
- Define the role/ requirements of each contract type for each function
- Determine templates for key contract types
● Define the requirements from a contract mgmt. system
- Map the workflows for each contract type
- Define authorization and approval matrices
● CLM Vendor Shortlisting
- Identify vendors that provide CLM systems
- Facilitate demos of various systems
- Incorporate relevant learnings from vendor practices, systems into client requirements
- Preparation of business requirement specs for the system
- Finalize RFP for CLM vendors
● CLM Vendor Selection
- Invite Proposals from CLM vendors
- Facilitate evaluation of vendor proposals and selection of vendor
- Recommend to-be process design and technology solution incl. link with existing systems
● PMO support till system “go-live”
- Facilitate dialogues with client teams and vendor through system development period

Our Impact

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