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Case Example

Defining the Strategic Direction to Double Turnover in Four Years for a Large Indian Contract Research Organisation

Client Challenge

The client, a large Indian contract research organisation (CRO) was faced with the challenge to drive growth in the company and faced various strategic options and dilemmas regarding growth opportunities. The client aspired to double its revenue in the next four years and wanted to address questions on how the company should position itself, whether it should leverage existing capabilities to enter new markets, the new opportunities it should pursue, and the appropriate mix of organic versus inorganic growth it should consider in order to achieve intended targets.

Our Approach

In order to develop the strategic direction for the client, UC adopted the following approach:
● UC began the engagement by undertaking an assessment of the company’s goals, its internal
capabilities and management constraints as well as the current products and services offered by each
of its businesses
● Undertook a detailed market analysis and opportunity evaluation for each of its businesses and
identified potential growth options along with an addressable market size
● Assessed the competitions’ capabilities and the key strategic levers used to drive success
● Mapped the current capabilities against the market potential and growth options presented and
developed an organisation wide capability building agenda to achieve revenue target and to provide
strategic focus

Our Impact

The client was provided a synthesis of findings from the city of Dubai :-
● The test considered by the client is not currently allowed as a point of care test in Dubai
● Further, the client would require the necessary approvals with both the UAE governing body and the
Dubai regulatory authority for the equipment to be sold
● 90% of Dubai’s population is estimated to be insured patients
● High rejection rate by insurance companies (15% to 20%) for tests not in the norm affects test
prescription rates, especially for non-critical tests
● Further, low adoption among private clinics, polyclinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres further limit
potential for the POC device

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