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Case Example

Defining the Capability Building Agenda for a Contract Research and Manufacturing Service Provider

Client Challenge

Our client was a contract research and manufacturing service provider. The request for proposal (RFP) conversion rate of the client was low as compared to other players in the same space. The client wanted UC to define a strategy and to understand the key capabilities required by the company to increase the win-rate on RFPs.

Our Approach

To understand the requirements for the company to increase the win-rate on RFPs, UC studied the contract research and manufacturing landscape in India. UC conducted primary research with key players in the industry and provided information on:
● Key areas of the business focus of players
● Revenue contribution from development and manufacturing services and its impact on margins
● Average value of development and manufacturing projects undertaken by players
● Process of responding to RFP by players in terms of time, details provided etc.
● Manpower staffing per project (scientific and business development team)
● Sourcing strategies of players (sourcing from China)
● Client mix of the players (Big Pharma, Emerging Pharma and Small Pharma)
●Overseas presence through strategic alliances to get access to new markets and technologies and to overcome capacity constraints

Our Impact

The client received clearly articulated strategic initiatives around technology domains, human resources, a focus on optimal project sizes, and a sourcing strategy for contract manufacturing and target customer segments, i.e. small versus big pharma.

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