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Case Example

Defining KPIs for Aligning with Strategy for a leading Indian food solutions enterprise

Client Challenge

The client, a leading food solutions enterprise, is one of the fastest growing business unit reaching turnover of INR 100 Cr. in 4 years. The client’s top management was of the opinion that the long-term business strategy and processes are well defined to achieve the overall business objective. However, the management believed that the KPIs to measure sales productivity and performance of the sales organization need to be redefined by
● Redefining KPIs for 120 personnel for sales and other functions
● Defining structure for measuring, monitoring and reviewing the defined KPIs
● Defining reward mechanism in sync with the new KPIs

Our Approach

UC adopted the following approach:
● Understand mgmt. objectives w.r.t sales productivity improvement and the existing KPIs
● Understand mgmt.’s long term business strategy and develop strategy map
● Review current sales processes, sales organization structure and performance management processes
● Identify GAPs in current KPIs for Sales team and the strategic objective
● Define KPIs, reporting and review mechanism for 120 personnel for sales and other functions
● Buy-in from functional heads and management on defined KPIs and implemented initiatives / processes to achieve them

Our Impact

The client benefited with following
● KPIs of 120 sales and other key functions
● Framework to assist in increasing productivity of sales officers by freeing up time spent on non-value add activities
● In the pilot location, time spent on 41 new leads in June 2018 as compared to only 2 new leads in May 2018
● Simple and automated spreadsheet tools to generate review reports for ASMs

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