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Case Example

Conducting a Market Assessment for Next Generation Sequencing Testing for Oncology in India

Client Challenge

● Client is intending to enter NGS testing market specifically focusing on oncology segment
● They have approached UC STRATEGY to undertake market assessment for the NGS testing in oncology in India

Our Approach

The management has requested UC to provide a market assessment of NGS testing in Oncology in India with the following questions to be answered:
● What is the current and future market opportunity (by volume and value) of NGS in oncology in India?
● What is the current and expected adoption rate and adoption funnel of NGS in oncology at different stages of the treatment cycle?
● How is NGS landscape in oncology evolving? What drives usage of NGS in oncology among clinicians at different stages of treatment cycle? What factors results in patients dropping off from NGS at different stages of treatment cycles?
● Who are the key influencers for NGS in oncology? What is the most effective and efficient means to reach out to key primary and secondary influencers for adoption of NGS in oncology?
● What is the competition landscape for NGS in oncology? Who are they key players and what is their positioning? What is their key success factors and what is the learnings can be derived from the competition?
● What is the existing reimbursement pathway and reimbursement dossier submission process for NGS in oncology?
● What is the current and future attractiveness of NGS market in oncology segment?
● In line to the above approach, the UC team conducted extensive primary research with ~90 respondents from multiple cities. Respondents included oncologists, respondents from diagnostic labs and from competition

Our Impact

The Client was provided the following output:-
● Current and future market size for oncology samples using NGS
● Growth factors driving NGS adoption
● Segmentation of NGS samples – by type of lab, by competition, by panel size, etc.
● Purchase behaviour and installed capacity across different healthcare settings
● Oncology prescription behaviour
● Cost dynamics of NGS
● Regulatory dynamics of NGS
● Competition and Product insights

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