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Case Example

Competency mapping for supply chain function at a leading pharmaceutical company

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Client Challenge

The client was a leading pharma player who was seeking to develop functional competency maps for each unique role within its supply chain function

Our Approach

● UC conducted interviews with stakeholders and in-depth study of existing job roles, operating procedures to develop competencies for 57 unique roles across 6 functions
● Established context for the engagement
- Understood Client’s existing competency tools and finalize templates
- Understood Client’s org. structure and finalize roles in scope
● Review job roles and articulate job activities
- Reviewed existing job descriptions & conducted in-depth discussions with reporting managers for roles
- Clearly articulated job activities for each role
● Define and map competencies
- Drew out functional knowledge, skill-sets, behavioral competencies from job activities
- Defined proficiency levels for each competency
- Mapped defined competencies and proficiency levels for each position
● Finalize competency mapping
- Aligned with functional heads and HR on defined competency mapping for all positions

Our Impact

● Developed a comprehensive competency map which served as a tool for both hiring and evaluating talent
● Competency map helped identify areas for improvement for personnel in a role and ensure targeted deployment of professional development initiatives

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