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Case Example

Assisting a Large Financial Services Player in the UK in Developing a 2023 Business Plan

Client Challenge

The client was a large UK headquartered brand in financial services and engaged UC to develop a business plan by 2023 as a preparation for the forthcoming IPO. The client’s need was urgent and the task of building the plan was complex in nature, given the inherent contingencies in the plan.

Our Approach

UC used the following approach:

Developed a detailed model of financial statements for the US including the physical, digital, wholesale and retail lines of businesses

Assessed the forex market in detail in the countries of main operations and developed a detailed view on its potential, expected CAGR and key assumptions of client revenue streams

Assessed the acquisition and take over of a large global MNC player’s payment card business and incorporated the findings into the financial model of the client

Detailed the cost estimates considering the ambitious plans and tempered the revenue estimates in some cases, given the economics

The client financial model estimates were incorporated into the group financial model plans; our team ensured that the roadmap of the strategy and business was consistent with the global plan but also it maximised the potential of the business of the UK entity and the countries that they were present in,

Our Impact

The client was able to obtain a realistic view of the market, its assumptions and its ability to address the potential; it also had a clear set of assumptions that they needed to monitor regularly. Finally, the client felt far more confident of achieving its targets set out by the parent management and the promoter group.

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