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Case Example

Assessment of the Ultra-Orphan Therapeutic Reimbursement Landscape in Turkey

Client Challenge

The client has a deep portfolio of marketed and pipeline drugs targeting a variety of rare diseases. In order to develop the optimal ultra-orphan drug pricing and reimbursement strategy, and associated tools, the client had to answer a number of questions for each of the focus geographies.

Our Approach

UC addressed these concerns and questions in the following manner:
● Of all the geographies assessed for the client, UC assessed the pricing and reimbursement scenario for orphan/ultra-orphan drugs in Turkey
● Developed the current ultra-orphan drug reimbursement landscape, defining the current reimbursement framework for ultra-orphan products
● As part of the analysis, UC assessed the various factors that payers consider in setting their reimbursement decisions including the impact of health technology assessments (HTAs)
● Analysed the reimbursement trend, identifying and assessing key trends impacting the healthcare market in general and ultra-orphan drugs in particular
● Identified and analysed key macro factors as well as assessed how payers and regulators are likely to respond in the near, mid and long term

Our Impact

UC delivered proactive strategies for the client to respond to, in order to optimise its pricing and reimbursement for orphan drugs. UC developed a series of recommendations for short, mid and long term pricing and reimbursement trends.

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