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Case Example

Assessing the Ophthalmic Equipment Market in India for a Global Manufacturer of Electronic Instruments Looking to Invest in an Ophthalmic Device Manufacturer

Client Challenge

The client, a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, was looking to invest in a US – based ophthalmic device manufacturer. As a part of its due diligence, it wanted to assess the market potential for the company’s ophthalmic equipment in India.

Our Approach

In order to develop the market landscape, UC adopted the following approach:
● Conducted primary research to understand the level of adoption of individual product segments across different categories of end users
● Identified for each end user segment, key selection criterion, key decision makers and preferred brands
● Assessed the current penetration level and future potential of advanced ophthalmic diagnostic devices in India

Our Impact

The client received a product segment level overview of the ophthalmic device market in India.

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