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Case Example

Assessing the market opportunity and growth potential for specialty fats in the bakery segment in India

Client Challenge

● The management at Louis Dreyfus wanted to assess the market opportunity for specialty fats in India
● The approached Universal Consulting to provide assistance in determining the attractiveness of this market through a study encompassing customer analysis, competitive landscape and the size of market opportunity

Our Approach

● Understood the client’s strategic intent and management objectives
● Identified and segmented the market based on various pivots such as product type, applications, customers and regions
● Analyzed the customer behavior to profile customer segments and categorize selection criteria, purchase patterns and switching behavior through primary research
● Estimated market size using demand side and supply side methods
● Assessed current and future opportunities of specialty fats across customer segments and applications
● Mapped and evaluated the competitive landscape through primary research across the value chain to profile key competitors and categorize their key strategies
● Analyzed customer feedback and competitor market share, along with existing and planned capacities, to evaluate potential for a new entrant
● Assessed the production processes of specialty fats along with the associated costs
Proposed an entry strategy for the client based on the synthesized findings

Our Impact

● The client received a detailed review of the opportunity for specialty fats for the bakery segment in India
● Recommended a detailed evaluation of an entry strategy for the client, highlighting key points to be implemented in order to achieve significant market share.

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