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Sales Force Effectiveness​

The pressure to generate strong sales growth for a company is intense, especially in the current slow growth economic environment. To compound matters, many companies that experienced down-sizing in sales and key support areas during the recession have been slow to bring resources back. Additionally, demands for support and responsiveness from customers continue to go up, putting more pressure on sales teams and supporting functions. The combination of these factors is forcing many companies to re-examine their sales strategies, sales organisations and key processes to drive higher productivity and return on investment from their sales resources.

UC brings analytical firepower and best practices to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. We assess drivers for sales force productivity and opportunities for sales force collaboration between divisions, and also the impact of sales force allocations of merged entities. We help our clients realign their sales force with market segments and emerging trends in their industry. We focus on generating quick wins while helping our clients build their sales capabilities for the long-term to withstand emerging competition.

Case Studies

Defining the Capability Building Agenda for a Contract Research and Manufacturing Service Provider

Streamlining and automating the sales order management process

PMO for Design and Implementation of a Centralized Order Management System for a Pharmaceutical Company

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